Product - Thread Depth Gauge

Thread Depth Gauge


After machining of threads, there is aconsiderable time consuming factor, thechecking of the thread over a specified depthwith a thread gauge. The measuring of the depth of an internal thread with a conventional thread plug gauge is a not a very exact, time consuming method. To enable this task to be carried appreciably faster and more accurately, Professional has added thread plug gauges with depth measuring sleeve to its product Range. These thread plug gauges with the designation “TDG” enable checking of the thread on correctness and the reading of the thread depth up to 3x nominal thread diameter. The function and stability of a thread connection depends on a correct screwing in depth of the thread.For this reason checking of this length is more and more required. On the other hand the thread needs only be as long as necessary to fulfill its purpose. The thread depth is often defined by suppliers and customers in different ways. The result is expensive rework or replacement of components. You can avoid these costs. For better life HSS inserts with TiN coating can be supplied.

A single gauge checks both Thread and Thread Depth

  • Thread gauging cycle time reduced by 50 %
  • Thread depth up to 3xD can be measured
  • Simple replacement of worn plug gauge
  • Reliable measurement of thread depth by measuring sleeve
  • Measures thread depth and size in one operation
  • Used in the same way as a normal double ended screw plug gauge
  • Telescopic measurement sleeve 0.5mm graduation
  • Size over 16 mm and other thread types available on request
  • Depth Masters can be supplied for setting depth
  • Every Gauge carries NABL certificate of calibration
  • HSS inserts can be supplied with TiN Coating

Manufacturing Range

Handle Size Thread Size - Metric Thread Size - Inch Measuring Depth in MM
TDG - 300 M4, M5, M6 # 8, #10, #12, 1 / 4 20 MM
TDG - 400 M 8 / M 10 / M 12 5 / 16, 3 / 8, 7 / 16 35 MM
TDG - 500 M 14, M16 1 / 2, 9 / 16, 5 / 8 48 MM

For sizes not shown,request a quotation, as we produce inserts up to 22 mm.