Single Source Responsibility

There is a new dimension in precision measurement. It’s an exciting time to be involved with the quality movement, but also a challenging one with countless controls, assurances, and certifications that are being demanded of you.

It all boils down to accountability. Welcome to Professional Engineering. Where accountability reigns. In the products we make and in the way we make them. We have one specialty here. We conceive, design, and build a wide range of gauges. For dimensional measurement and more. From precise ring and plug gauges to highly sophisticated computer-aided automatic gauges that are custom engineered to fill specialized needs.

When we say we build gauges, we mean from scratch. Concept design and engineering. Precision machining, grinding, and lapping. Electrical and electronics(Including PLC). Software. ,Professional Engineering is a true, vertically-integrated manufacturer. We provide the complete gauging solution — 100 % in-house — including tooling and fixtures, gauge heads, Instruments, and masters. Not many gauge makers can say that. We like to say we “own the technology.” No one passes the buck here. Accountability. Our customers appreciate that. They also appreciate the way we honor their secrets. We understand the words “proprietary” and “confidential.” Some of our customer relationships go back more than 30 years. That speaks volumes about reliability and trust. Here is an overview of our company, our products, and our services that can help you be accountable for manufacturing quality parts...