Product - Plain Gauge

Plain plug Guages


Cylindrical plain plug gages may be used for gauging hole sizes to determine if the hole is within the upper and lower limits of the product tolerance. The hole size can be determined by using GO and NOGO plug gauges. The go gage is used to verify the low limit. The no go gage is used to verify the up per limit. The correct use of go and no go gages eliminates the requirement of complex and expensive measuring instruments. Inspection using fixed limit go/no go cylindrical plug gauges requires only basic training. The inspector only has to verify whether the gage is entering or not entering the inside diameter of their part.

Manufacturing Capabilities:-

  1. Reversible plain Plug Gauges
    0.5mmto25.65 mm
  2. Taper lock Plain Plug Gauges
    3.00 mm to 40.00mm as per DIN / IS / ISO
    3.00 mm to 38.00mm as per ANSI std.
  3. Trilock Type Plain Plug gauges
    19.00 mm to 150.00m mas per ANSI / IS / DIN std.
  4. Blank Design
    IS 6137 / DIN 2250 / ANSI B.4 7
  5. Gauging Practice
    AS PER IS 3455.
    Class. X as per ASM E B89.1.5