Product - Air Electronics

COMPU - Touch

Compu_Touch Compu_Touch

  • 10.4” color Wide Touch Screen display for better viewing and graphical presentations ——
  • Gauging and controls by in process or post process —— ——
  • 4 channels / 8 channel Air or LVDT Input ————
  • Inch and Metric measurements ————
  • Auto Calibration and Auto Data saving
  • User selectable Display formats : Dial, Bar graph and reading display in grid formats
  • Data Storage with Date and Time along with component number——
  • —— RS232, USB, Ethernet port, possibility of connecting multiple units over bus
  • 8 digital inputs to connect the sensors like push button, proximity switch, Reed switch, Safety curtain
  • 8 digital outputs to operate pneumatic cylinders, solenoids etc. (No PLC required for basic automation)
  • SPC Analysis: X Bar - R Chart, Run Chart X Bar, S Chart, Histogram, Pie Chart, and all calculations, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, UTL, UCL, LTL, LCL, job counter for quantity accepted, rejected and rework